We love Outdoor Play & our Growing Garden!

hoole outdoor area

Getting children outside in the fresh air and into natural surroundings is very important to us, and we’re very lucky with our outside space in Hoole Village.

All of our main rooms open out onto our fully secure and spacious garden and play area, giving all of our children easy access to outdoor play.Our lovely Growing Garden

We have a hard play area for bikes, cars and trikes and a soft surface area for other play equipment, and always have lots of activities going on.

Toddler Room at the Spinney Day Nursery Hoole

There are lots of areas for children to explore, we have features like our bug hotel (which everyone is watching with interest) and plenty of spaces if they want some quiet time. We have large, leafy trees that we often use to read stories or play games under – they provide shade when it’s hot and shelter in the rain and snow.

Fun times in the snow

All of our children play outside at least once a day unless the weather’s really extreme – we have plenty of wet weather gear to keep them dry.

Toddler Room at the Spinney Day Nursery Hoole, Chester

The biggest bonus of our location is the fact that our play area backs onto the open fields and woods behind. It feels like we’re in the middle of the country. It means that we have access to lots of natural resources – so if we’re ‘going on a bear hunt’ or working with a Gruffalo theme, we just have to step out the back door! It also gives us unlimited opportunities to play ‘spot the wildlife’ or ‘guess the flower’.

We are off on an adventure

We also have a fabulous Growing Garden where the children can plant seeds and watch the plants grow.

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Whether they be flowers or vegetables which they then give to our cook to prepare for our meals! This provides a fantastic opportunity for children to learn where fruit and vegetables come from at an early age.