Here at the Spinney are always looking for ways to develop children’s skills in a fun, enjoyable and inspiring way and encourage the children have as much outdoor play in the fresh air as possible. Over the years we have provided Forest School sessions in the woods or in other natural suroundings.

Spinney Hoole Forest School

Throughout the year the Pre School & Toddlers have the opportunity to experience play and exploration in a natural surrounding with activities including nature walks, creating Bug Hotels, going on Bear Hunts and arts and crafts using natural resources. With the Forest School ethos at the heart of each session it provides a wonderful, holistic experience that can encourage and support each child’s development.

Spinney Hoole Forest School

Set in a safe, secure and fantastic small woodland next to the Spinney Day Nursery Hoole, the sessions are a fantastic experience where children can learn, adventure and explore the natural environment.

Spinney Hoole Forest School

What Forest School?

“Forest School is an inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a local woodland environment”  – Forest Education Initiative (FEI)

Forest School is based on a Scandinavian idea of embracing the outdoors as a learning environment, Forest School involves children and young people working with a qualified Forest School Leader on a frequent and regular basis throughout the year (ideally once a week) in a local woodland setting or on a designated Forest School site. They follow their usual curriculum, but in an outdoor context, using learning and teaching strategies which raise self-esteem and develop confidence, independence, language and communication skills. The Forest School Leader works with the school/setting staff to carry themes looked at in the classroom into the woodland’

There are many benefits to Forest School including developing physical skills and agility at an early age, social development, self confidence & self-esteem, team work, motivation, skills and knowledge, and pride in, and understanding of, their surrounding environment.

This is similar to the ethos of our Holiday Club sessions ‘The Spinney Adventurers Club’ which has been a real hit with the older children since it started last summer. We feel a similar experience, though more directed at the younger children, would really be an enjoyable and beneficial experience for the Pre School children specifically before they continue their own journey to school.

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