Baby Messy Play at the Spinney

Welcome to the Baby Room!

Our Baby Room in the Spinney Hoole Village is run by nursery nurses who are passionate about baby development, and about creating a stimulating environment for babies to play and explore. Each baby will have their own Key Person who will be their main carer and will be responsible for getting to know your child extremely well. They will also be responsible for liaison between the nursery and parents, as well as parents and nursery.

The Baby Room at the Spinney Day Nursery Hoole, Chester

Our Baby room is full of activity corners, quiet spaces and discovery areas. Babies learn in all kinds of ways, so we get them involved in lots of activities – encouraging them to explore and learn. We aim for some kind of sensory or paint based activity every day, so they do get messy!

Messy Play in the Baby Room at the Spinney Day Nursery Hoole

Even though they’re small, each baby has their own development plan, which we encourage you as parents to be part of. They also have the chance to get plenty of fresh air when they go outside for activties in the Outdoor Area.

The Baby Room at the Spinney Day Nursery Hoole, Chester

Our dedicated Cook provides all meals for our babies – we only ever use fresh ingredients we only ever use fresh ingredients, never tinned or frozen, and we cater for all dietary requirements.

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Next Steps

The next step of your child’s journey at nursery will be the Toddler Room. Find out more about it here.